Story Foraging

A special workshop for returning writers.

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You’re invited to a special, 2.5-hour workshop for past participants of Voice & Vessel four-week writing workshops. This workshop will help answer: What next? How do I turn writing from prompts into a working draft? How can I begin to strengthen the writing?

We’ll return to the raw writing and rough drafts you’ve created, uncover the seeds they have to offer, and listen for the shape they want to take. Maybe it's a poem. Maybe it's an essay. Maybe it's your first novel, a blog post, or a letter to a loved one. Whatever shape your writing wants to take, this will be a space to explore and honor it.

You’ll leave with practical guidance on the different forms your writing can take. You'll get tools to help play with shape and form. Together, we'll embrace revision as a generative, creative practice... rather than a kind of corrective critic or taskmaster. My hope is that you'll find a writing project that calls for your attention, and that you'll unearth new energy to feed it.

Story Foraging

Please sign up for studio letters if you'd like to be the first to know about future dates.

Open to anyone who has written with Voice & Vessel previously in a four-week workshop. Story Foraging builds on creative work we've done together. Before we come together, I'll send guidance on what writing to bring and how to prepare for our time. All voices, writing styles, and experience levels are invited.

Please note: Refunds are not offered for this workshop. Please be sure you're able to join us when you register!


Gather your writing and receive...


Down-to-Earth Guidance for Revision

Too often, revision is thought of as the taskmaster of the writing journey. I view revision as so much more than the phase where things get "fixed" in our writing. It's a part of the creative process that can be generative and surprising. During our time together, I'll share more on that. You'll learn about different ways to approach revision, ways to shape and strengthen your writing, and practices for re-entering the wilderness of raw writing and rough drafts.

We’ll also look for the form your writing wants to take, such as a poem, essay, blog post, or even a letter to a loved one. It could be personal or on its way to being published… all paths are welcomed.


Hands-On Practices to Deepen & Expand Your Writing

In the spirit of the Amherst Writers & Artists Method, I won't be lecturing anyone about the virtues of revision. Instead, I'll invite you to return to your writing through practical support, hands-on exercises, and revision prompts. You'll have time to ask questions, try things out, and reflect on which practices feel good to you. 

This workshop is unique in that I'll provide a kind of "guided tour" of the wilderness of revision possibilities and writing forms. Over the 2.5 hours, you'll get a blend of guidance/information from me, hands-on time to try revision prompts with your writing, and Q&A. 


Tools to Take Home

Revision is a journey. Deep, creative time works differently than any other time I know. Sometimes the shortest poems take the most time to unearth. Sometimes the longest essays just fall out of us, demanding to be heard.

Knowing this, we'll offer our writing plenty of patience and compassion during Story Foraging. I'll also share tools that you can take home. These are designed to help you establish a practice of revision in your writing life, and they'll also help if you're listening for the beginnings of a new writing project.

I love to hear where folks are at in their writing journey.
I'd be glad to help as you reflect on whether Story Foraging is right for you. 
Please say hello if you have any thoughts or questions.