Registration for Nineteen is now closed.

Many thanks to everyone who signed up! The writing began on January 19, 2019. Want to be part of the next writing journey at Voice & Vessel? Sign up for studio letters to learn more.

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Give your writing a boost of curiosity for 2019.
19 days of writing prompts, a creative kickoff, and more.


Whether it’s a blank page or a new year, our beginnings are a space where curiosity can lead the way. The more generous we are with our curiosity, the more energizing the beginning becomes. So I hope you’ll join me in a 19-day adventure to seed your curiosity, fill your pages, and welcome a new year of writing.

We begin on January 19, 2019. The adventure is entirely online, and it’s open to new writers, been-there-tried-that writers, beginning-again writers, and everyone in between.

What’s Included in this Writing Adventure

Writing Prompts for the New Year

19 Days of Writing Prompts

Every day for 19 days, you’ll get new and imaginative prompts designed to invite you to the unexpected, the surprising, the dreamy, the strange, the curious, the surreal… I’ve been dreaming up fresh prompts to spark your imagination, call on your memory, and carry us toward new ideas. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, let’s greet 2019 with a wholehearted tumble into the blank page. Let’s “follow the rabbit” and find out which characters wait to say hello, which places long to be explored, and which obsessions, images, and irresistible questions are taking shape. Let’s make a space where our discoveries are a creative force to carry us through the year ahead.

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An Optional, Live Creative Kickoff

Join me online on Saturday, January 19, 2019 from 10 am to 11 am EST for a kickoff to Nineteen. This optional, one-hour live writing session will include special prompts and space to help you center your writing intentions for the year. You’ll get to kickstart the journey knowing you’ve already written for one hour, and it will help you notice questions, wonders, and hopes you’re carrying into 2019.

Attending this session is optional. It will be hosted virtually on Zoom and recorded. If the time doesn’t work for you, you can watch later. Or you can watch it again whenever you need a creative reset later in the year.

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Monthly Creative Grounding

This is an adventure that’s not only about filling your page, but also about feeding your creative spirit for the year ahead.

Starting in February and every month through the remainder of 2019, you’ll receive a creative grounding message. These messages will help you connect with your creative intentions for the year, invite you back to the raw material you created through Nineteen, and offer one prompt to go deeper with that writing. Think of these as gentle, monthly “nudges” (like the rabbit reappearing on the trail) to keep feeding your curiosity.

The writing begins on January 19, 2019.

Registration is just $19—or share the gift of curiosity with a friend, and get two registrations for $30!

Common Questions

Are there scheduled writing sessions? Can I join if I can’t make the kickoff session?
No worries if you can’t join us for the kickoff session! It’s optional and will be recorded for those who can’t join us. All of the writing prompts can be completed on your own schedule. The only scheduled part of Nineteen is the live kickoff session.

Does it matter what time zone I’m in?
This writing adventure is delivered entirely online, using a private website for the prompts and messages. You can participate in your own time zone and on your own schedule. The only scheduled part of Nineteen is the live kickoff session, which will be hosted on Zoom and recorded for viewing later on the private website.

How are the prompts and messages delivered?
For the entirety of 2019, you’ll have access to a private online area for the prompts and the recording of our kickoff session. You’ll also receive an email update whenever the new prompt is available, as well as when the monthly creative grounding messages are posted.

Does Nineteen include sharing of writing or commenting on each other’s writing?
Nineteen is designed to give you a generative and personal creative start to the new year. Because of the format and my plans for some of the prompts, we will not be sharing our writing in groups or commenting on each other’s writing. I’m developing new online workshops for 2019 that would have some group sharing. If that interests you, please stay tuned to studio letters for more to come! Or if you’re interested in getting a response to your writing sooner, please check out my options for one-on-one coaching for writers.