Announcing a New Home for Voice & Vessel

Every move in my adult life has happened in the pocket of time when fall heads toward winter. Inevitably, fall comes and change follows. My husband and I have moved five of the eight years of our marriage, often with snow under our feet, and more than once with furnace troubles welcoming us to the new place. Every time, we say it will be our last winter move, and then life shows up with better ideas.

The writing circle in the current studio space... soon to include a view of a pond, flowers, and herons and even more natural light!

The writing circle in the current studio space... soon to include a view of a pond, flowers, and herons and even more natural light!

Last fall, we were celebrating our first year in our new home, and my winter moving rituals shifted to opening Voice & Vessel's studio in Grand Rapids. Finding a spot for a new business, especially a creative one, is not always easy. I lucked out with a good home on the northeast side, thanks to a great realtor who made lease magic happen. 

The studio is bigger than what I expected for my first space, and the extra room has given me lots of flexibility during Voice & Vessel's first year. It let me set up the "writer's living room" I had imagined. I've been able to play around with workshop sizes and set-ups, and I got to hear what folks most loved about the location and space. (I'm glad to know others share my fondness for strong coffee, oodles of lamps, and comfy pillows!)

I've learned a lot from this first-year space, and I'm deeply grateful for the writers who have shared it with me. The studio has been filled with so many voices and generous, creative energy. I thought this would be the first year in a long time I'd go without my winter move. But then, like so many other years, life sent an irresistible invitation.

A good friend of mine is part of the Eagle Park Wellness Collective, at Leonard and the East Beltline in Grand Rapids. She mentioned that a neighboring suite was available. Another close friend shared that she's been hoping to find a home for her coaching work, and that she'd consider sharing a space. So off we went to check out the suite.

And of course, the stars aligned, and we fell in love with the space. Two walls of windows greeted us, and out those windows: a small garden of flowers, a few trees, a view of a pond, and a heron at ease in the water. Not to mention the creative, soulful neighbors at the wellness collective and the chance to share the space with one of my favorite people.


So bring on the winter moving! In mid-November, Voice & Vessel will head to its new home at:

3355 Eagle Park Dr NE, Suite 108
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

I'm moving the studio on Wednesday, November 16 and will be settled in for workshops at the new space by the following Monday (for that evening's workshop). 

I can't wait to welcome you to this new space! It feels like it's an ideal, even more cozy fit for where Voice & Vessel is headed. I love giving each writer at Voice & Vessel plenty of individual support, so I expect to do more six- and eight-person workshops going forward. For instance, in 2017, the monthly writing circles will likely change from a max of 12 writers to a max of eight.

I'm also doing more one-on-one work with writers, and I'm creating more online writing workshops. Finally, I hope to offer writing retreats in other cities (perhaps even other countries) over the next year or two... all these good developments mean the new space couldn't come at a better time. Hopefully I get to see and write with some of you there! Thank you for being a part of the journey so far... after I'm moved in and settled, I'll share more news on 2017 plans and workshops.

Questions you might have...

What if I'm taking a workshop with you in November?
Starting Monday, November 21, workshops will meet at the new location. Everyone in my November workshops will receive a personal email about the move. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Who is this special person who is sharing the studio? How will that work?
I'm sharing the studio with DeDe Esque, one of my true soul friends as well as a longtime collaborator. DeDe is a coach and culture change facilitator with many intuitive, creative gifts. It's an honor to share a space with her, especially as we both keep journeying into the work that tugs at our hearts.

Logistically, we'll schedule our use of the space. DeDe will be there certain days with coaching clients, and then I'll have the space for my workshop days or one-on-ones. The studio will be set up for a circle of writers, so everything will feel like business as usual... but with the bonus of DeDe adding her own creative energy to the space. 

What about directions, access, and logistics? 
The good news is that the new studio is as accessible as the current one. There's even more parking, and the studio is right inside the main door, with a flat walkway to get inside. There is highway access within five minutes of the building. And while the building is located along the East Beltline, there's no need to get on the East Beltline itself to get there. You can just head east on Leonard and turn left onto Eagle Crest Dr., essentially hopping right over the Beltline. 

Have other thoughts or questions? Please get in touch!