How to Invite Your Muses Into Your Writing Life

I'm excited to have a guest post up at All Nine this week! It's about how to stir up inspiration and signal our muses before we arrive at the empty page. How do we build trust, so we know a creative invitation when we see one? Is it possible to seed the conversation with our muses before the words break out?

I believe there are many ways that ideas, stories, and creative energy try to find us. But too often we've been taught to silence, ignore, or even fear the inner space where ideas say hello. It doesn't have to be a hard or even esoteric journey to undo this teaching. I tend to believe that simple, down-to-earth practices are actually the key.

In my guest post, I share a few of what I hope are simple, fun ways to listen for inspiration and invite your muses to come closer. I hope you'll stop by All Nine and gather some creative energy for yourself -- the site is full of it! Click here to read more.