creative discovery & wholehearted writing

for the ones who want to make space for their instincts.
for the ones seeking an honest relationship with their voice on the page.
for the ones becoming a generous companion to their writing life.

upcoming ways to practice

Poetry Writing Workshop: A Pause for Poetry begins April 22. 
Infinite: Self-paced, generative writing toolkits, ready to write with you now.

generative writing journeys + craft workshops + other experiments in curiosity

a simple and steady practice

In 2020, I began offering 15-minute writing sessions I call the Hummingbird Sessions. Like their namesake, these are free and fleeting... just long enough to gather a little sweetness and creative energy to keep going in uncertain times. In each session, I guide us with prompts and a creative practice. All voices and experience levels are invited. Sign up to get upcoming dates and recordings.

hello, fellow writer...

I'm Emily Stoddard, a fellow writer and the founder of Voice & Vessel. I've been tending my writing as a practice for over 20 years. I believe the writing life brings a lot of gifts, if we can stay open to the curious, the possible, and the unexpected.

I help writers find those gifts through down-to-earth practice and by honoring their unique rhythms and instincts. The workshops you'll find here are designed to carry you from beginnings, into deeper work, and toward what I hope is a sense of steady caring in your writing practice.

If you've been curious about what's calling for your creative attention, I'd be honored to support you.


Write the story only you can tell.

Seven Invitations is a free guide with everything you need for a week-long, at-home writing workshop. Sign up below, and start writing today.