Write the story only you can tell.

Every blank page, every question, and every revision is an invitation to begin and begin again with your writing. Voice & Vessel helps writers and the writing-curious meet the ebb and flow of the journey... so you can unearth your creative instincts, create more freely, and turn your raw material into writing you love.

Take a creative pause.

As the world shifted into the pandemic, I began offering 15-minute writing sessions (on Zoom) that I call the Hummingbird Sessions. Like their namesake, these are free and fleeting... just long enough to gather a little sweetness and creative energy to keep going in uncertain times. In each session, I guide us with prompts and a creative practice. 

The company of writers and creative spirits has been a gift during this wild year. Over 500 writers around the world are now a part of this circle. All voices and experience levels are welcomed. Closed captioning is included. 

Write with us! Sign up to get notified of upcoming dates and receive recordings if you can't join us live. 

Generative Writing

Writing workshops, tools, and guides to inspire wholehearted writing. Get down-to-earth practices for opening to your instincts, and unearth the stories that are calling for your creative attention.


Deeper Practice

Immersive workshops and group coaching to deepen, shape, revise, and publish your writing. Dig into the craft of writing while learning how to steward and honor your unique voice.

Personalized Feedback

One-on-one support tailored to your voice, creative practice, and working drafts. Bring a sense of rootedness to your writing life with encouragement, thoughtful feedback, and more.

Write the story only you can tell.

You can search for the perfect process or wait for inspiration to strike, but the real journey begins when you say yes to the blank page... when you accept the invitation that your instincts, imagination, and memories offer. I've gathered seven of my favorite prompts to help you have a beginning of your own.

Seven Invitations is a free writing guide shared with folks who join my studio letters. Sign up below, start writing today.


Write the story only you can tell.

Seven Invitations is a free guide with everything you need for a week-long, at-home writing workshop. Sign up below, and start writing today.