Writing Coaching

Writing Coaching

Available Online and in Grand Rapids

Sometimes our writing journey brings us to moments when personalized support would be helpful. Maybe you're working on a special project, overcoming a creative block, or want to strengthen a specific part of your writing. I offer writing coaching that is a mix of open-minded listening, creative guidance, feedback, and editing support. All one-on-one coaching sessions are rooted in my training as a leader of the Amherst Writers & Artists Method. 

Get started with one-on-one coaching.

Interested in one-on-one support for your writing? Complete the form below, and I'll follow up shortly with more details and options for your first session. My next opening for new coaching clients is January 2019. A waiting list is forming, so please complete this form if you’d like to join it.

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The joy in this work comes from spotting your creative strengths and helping you bring your voice forward. I'll ask questions to help you get to the root of what you're trying to say, surface new ideas, and try new practices. I welcome writers of any experience level, writing style, or voice and will tailor sessions to your writing journey.


I support a limited number of writers with one-on-ones at any given time, so that I can give each writer my best attention. Spots often fill in advance, and writers who are on the journey with me in workshops and revision circles often claim them as they open. My next opening for new coaching clients is January 2019. I’m keeping a waiting list of writers who would like to begin coaching then. Please complete the form on this page to join that list.

How one-on-one sessions work

  • One-on-one coaching is available online or in Voice & Vessel's Grand Rapids studio. Online sessions use a private meeting tool that's free, easy to use, and includes a recording of our time together. Sessions usually last one hour.

  • Many writers also add coaching time between live sessions for close readings of drafts, feedback and guidance via email, and other support.

  • Writers who commit to regular sessions over six months to a year tend to find more flow in their work. With ongoing attention, we can go deeper into specific areas of craft and the writing life, complete a piece of writing, and/or if desired, explore publishing opportunities.

  • One-on-one time is hands-on, collaborative, and meant to hold space for listening to your creative instincts. Sometimes sessions are practical (e.g., submitting your work). Sometimes they are conceptual or generative (e.g., seeding writing for a new idea). Sometimes they are challenging and revealing (e.g., taking on deep revisions with a tough or personal story).

  • I consider it an honor to hold creative space for you and witness the process as it unfolds. Along the way, I can offer specific guidance for writing and revision, close readings of your writing, recommendations of books or writers to follow, writing prompts, suggested creative tools or practices, and more depending on your needs.

Why get the support of a writing coach?

I support a range of folks as diverse as the stories they tell: new writers who are getting to know their voice and creative routine, writers who want to polish and publish their work, professionals and business owners who want to sharpen their writing skills, and so on. You may be looking for guidance to:

  • Use your voice more confidently or see how it's coming through in your drafts.

  • Open up to the story you want to share or go deeper into an idea you're exploring.

  • Overcome blocks or anxiety in the creative process.

  • Build a consistent writing practice or re-energize your creative routine.

  • Plan a new creative project.

  • Take a fresh look at a manuscript you're revising.

  • Decide whether a piece is ready for publication and find a good home for it.


Ongoing, one-on-one support starts at $50 per hour. First-time sessions start at $100 and include a close reading of your writing before we meet.

About Your Guide

I'm Emily Stoddard, a writer with over 15 years of experience in making meaning with words. My writing has appeared in New Poetry from the Midwest, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, GravelManifest-Station, An Alphabet of Embers, Watershed Review, Menacing Hedge, Rust+Moth, and elsewhere. In addition to supporting writers, I've helped over 40 nonprofits and businesses tell their story. You can read more about my background here.