One-on-one Session

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One-on-one Session

from 50.00

Available in Grand Rapids and online
First session: $100 (details below)
Ongoing: $50 per hour

Sometimes our writing journey brings us to moments when personalized support would be helpful. Maybe you're working on a special project, overcoming a creative block, or want to strengthen a specific part of your writing. I offer writing coaching that is a mix of open-minded listening, creative guidance, feedback, and editing support.

Why does the first session cost more? For the first session, I include our one-hour meeting, as well as a close reading of up to 8 double-spaced pages of your writing before we meet. I like to spend time with a writer’s words in advance of the conversation, so that I can get to know your voice. If there are spots where you'd like insight on a certain piece, I can look at those too. 

I suggest writing prompts, creative practices, and recommended reading based on the writing you share. I prepare this in a typed document, so that you receive plenty of personalized ideas, prompts, and creative food for thought to move forward. It's like getting a take-home workshop customized just for your voice and your writing interests or challenges. 

I usually spend three to four hours with your writing and preparing for our first meeting. Rather than charge for all of that time, I offer a flat rate of $100 for the first session.

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