drawing deep

a practice of poetry


Collective Guidance
Creative Practice

for the poetry-curious & the poetry-devoted

You’re invited to a journey into the heart of a more personal and inspired relationship with poetry. This six-month, online writing workshop will be an immersive encounter with poetry. There is space for just nine writers to ensure thoughtful attention to your voice and an intimate connection with the writing process.

Drawing Deep will give you six months of devoted space and support to write and revise new poems, with the aim of writing two new poems each month. By the end of our time together, you’ll have 12 poems that are complete or deep into their journey toward completion.

This workshop is entirely online and open to all voices and experience levels. What matters most is open-hearted listening and a willingness to write, explore, and practice (i.e., try and try again!) with the poems that want to surface for you. I’ll help you seek them out, bring them to light, and – image by image, line by line – meet your voice on the page.

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Begins September 10, 2019
Open to nine writers — five spots are left.

$575 early bird registration ends July 19 ($650 regular registration after that)


what’s included

Six months of devoted space and support, with 12 new poems created
September 2019 through February 2020
Live sessions on the second Tuesday of each month, 6:30 to 8:30 pm EST

Monthly Writing Session

Each month, I’ll lead us in a two-hour writing session, so you can generate new material and connect with your fellow poets. Sessions will be held virtually (on Zoom) on the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm EST, starting September 10. They’ll be recorded for re-watching.

Readings & Exercises

Readings, resources, and additional prompts will broaden our sense of what poetry can do and introduce you to kindred spirits in the poetry world. These will focus on poetry as a creative act and poetry as craft—from growing our poetic attention to the nuts and bolts of writing strong poems.

Feedback on Six Poems

In the first, third, and fifth months of Drawing Deep, you’ll be invited to share two poems (up to four pages) for a close reading and personalized response, from me to you. By the end of our time together, you’ll receive thoughtful, actionable feedback on six of the new poems you’ve created.

Private Workshop Forum

We’ll stay connected in a private community site throughout the workshop, which includes a forum for asking questions and supporting your fellow poets. I’ll be there with you to guide conversation, answer questions, and offer encouragement along the way.

Begins September 10, 2019
Open to nine writers — five spots are left!

$575 early bird registration (ends July 19)
$650 regular registration

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the guiding curiosities

  • How can poetry shape our relationship to our voice? What spaces can the speaker in a poem hold, unearth, or even hide?

  • How can poetry bring us closer to our own obsessions and a sense of mystery? How do the images in our poems help us write into the unknown?

  • What stories live in the sound of our poems? How do we tune ourselves for a deeper connection to the sound, rhythm, and texture of our poems?

  • What does a line break have to do with the life of a poem? How does physical space give a poem a sense of place or a kind of body? What happens to our own poems, and the way we engage our voice, when we play with this space?

  • How do poems reveal and culminate? What can we transform between the first line and the last?


questions you might have

Are there live sessions?
Yes, a two-hour live writing session will be hosted virtually once per month. I’ll host these on Zoom, an easy-to-use meeting tool. The sessions will happen on the second Tuesday of each month, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm EST, during the six-month workshop (September 2019 through February 2020).

What if I can’t attend a live session?
They will be recorded so you can watch again or if you’re unable to join us. I do encourage folks to sign up only if they have confidence that they can be a part of the live sessions. It will be an important part of supporting each other as a group and getting some good energy for the process!

What will the feedback on my poems be like?
In the first, third, and fifth months of Drawing Deep, you can share two poems (up to a total of four pages each time) for a close reading and personalized response. This feedback is exchanged just between you and me and will focus on:

  • Strengths in the poem: Where are you making creative choices that resonate in some way?

  • Gifts in your writing style or voice: What do you seem to do naturally or intuitively as a poet that is adding depth, life, and personality to your work?

  • Opportunities to dig deeper: Where does this poem offer an image, a sound, or other element that might generate more writing or creative attention for you?

  • Opportunities to sharpen and tune: How does the form and shape of the poem support the story it wants to tell? Where are there opportunities to make different choices and turn up the poem’s heat (or get closer to its heart)?

Responses will be shared as generative and encouraging comments in Google Docs. I’ll suggest prompts to try, ask questions to spark new thinking, and in some cases, I may suggest a poet whose work could be a guide. My hope is to offer food for thought that inspires you to keep writing, experimenting, and getting closer to the heart of each poem. (If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like to work with me, here are testimonials from other writers.)

Are refunds available if my plans change?
Because this is the first time I’m offering Drawing Deep, I’m limiting the number of participants and want to ensure a committed group of writers is ready to begin the journey. Refunds will only be offered in the event that someone else is able to take your spot by the start of the workshop. I frequently have waiting lists for my workshops, but there’s no guarantee that there will be one for Drawing Deep or that a person will be waiting to take your spot. That said, please be sure you’re ready to join us when you register!

your guide for drawing deep


I'm Emily Stoddard, a writer with over 20 years of experience in making meaning with words. My writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Tupelo Quarterly, Radar, Ruminate, New Poetry from the Midwest, Pilgrimage, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, GravelManifest-Station, An Alphabet of Embers, Watershed Review, Menacing Hedge, and elsewhere. A craft essay on poetry as a practice is forthcoming in Far Villages: Welcome Essays for New & Beginning Poets (Black Lawrence Press, January 2020). Learn more about my background here.

Drawing Deep begins September 10, 2019.
$575 early bird registration (ends July 19)
$650 regular registration

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