Emily Stoddard, Founder & Workshop Leader

Hello! I’m Emily Stoddard, a writer, workshop leader, and communications guide. In many ways, writing is my vessel in the world. It’s the space where I find and make meaning. And it has also taken me on a number of adventures that shape how I support folks through Voice & Vessel.

Early on, I was a correspondent for blue jean online and wrote a column syndicated by Knight-Ridder Tribune Newswire. I studied with Diane Wakoski at Michigan State University, attended Poets on the Coast, and was selected by Marge Piercy to join her 2013 Poetry Intensive. While living in San Francisco, I completed workshops in fiction and poetry at The Writing Salon and The Grotto. (One of the best parts of being a writer is the learning never stops.)

I’ve been a communications guide, messaging coach, and writer for over 40 businesses and nonprofits. People invite me in when they want to tell a new story and build support for their work. While the results often seem analytical, my creative writing life guides this work as well. Poetry teaches me to connect dots and get to the essence of a message. Essays teach me how to deepen my attention and listen for what matters. The process of revision helps me find better questions to ask. I truly believe good communication is more art than science, so that’s how I try to practice it with others.

In that spirit, in 2015 I became a Certified Leader of the Amherst Writers & Artists Method. The method is one of the most encouraging and generative approaches to writing I’ve found. It helps people explore the craft of writing without harming their story. It honors their voice instead of dictating what a writer does or doesn't sound like. It’s a practice that unlocks the joy of getting words on the page.

That kind of joy is even better when shared, so following my certification, Voice & Vessel began to take shape. This is not so much a business as it is the space I’d like to hold in the world. It’s a space where people can say yes to their voice, yes to the empty page, and yes to the possibility of what writing holds for them.

Whether it’s in your journal, in a pocket of time between meetings, or at a Voice & Vessel workshop, I hope you find a space to write. Your voice is worthy. It carries stories that matter. It would be an honor to join you as you claim them.